Photographer - Job Description 2020



  • Location: Head Office, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Company: Valanno Group 

  • Position: Photographer (Creative Executive) 

  • Full-time



 80% Production & Photoshooting 

  • Be responsible for the curation of production and conceptualizing digital projects & photo series.

  • Develope photography content for branding images,  liaise with models/ makeup artists/ studio... for monthly collection photoshoots. Support styling, shooting and directing of photoshoots; capture the functionality, features, and benefits of individual products. 

  • Be in charge of the concept and creative moodboard, build up a plan and budget for the shooting day. Carry out marketing campaign shoots. 

  • Retouch and refine all photography, maintain a high rate of image production. 

  • Manage and maintain all photographic assets and photo studio operations.

  • Work between multiple projects on a given day while maintaining the highest form of quality

  • Work closely with creative teams in the production pipeline to ensure a consistent, collaborative, and efficient approach. 

  • Work with other internal stakeholders in cross-function collaborative projects.

20% Brand Design Execution

  • Develop and manage productivity and to continuously improve the design team’s production capabilities. 

  • Work closely with the creative brand team to conceptualize and create best performing creative content according to MAYBI’s brand guidelines.

Report directly to:  Creative Marketing Manager


  • At least 2+ years of experience in photography & production (graphic design skill is a plus) with strong proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite. 

  • Experience in fashion/ beauty will be added advantage 

  • Understand of photography principles, especially how to use angles and lighting to compose quality photographs

  • Strong creative mindset to actively propose and present ideas, take direction, participate in internal brainstorms, prioritize workload, manage multiple projects efficiently and effectively, and work with key personnel.

Job Functions

  • Art/Creative 

  • Marketing

Due date: 30 August 2020

>>> Interested applicants can apply via email: or

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